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About Us

Who we are

This is the official website for Canadian Aviation Pride.

Whether you are a Pilot (private or commercial), Flight Attendant, Engineer, Dispatcher, Air Traffic Contoller, Simulator technician, TC Regulator, Safety Officer, aviation student, or enthusiast, here we can share ideas related to aviation.

We are LGBTQ and Straight allies...people, of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions who share an interest in Aviation.

A forum for support a safe pace to be without judgment, the promotion of social events, provide networking opportunities and emotional support for coming out.

Informal gatherings are planned across Canada, where we can all get along together to meet new friends, network, provide social support and share stories in our common aviation interest.

Current members are represented at Porter, Westjet, Jazz, Air Canada, Sunwing Airlines, Sky Regional, CAE, Transport Canada, corporate operations, and other Aviation related operators.

Various gatherings and events are organized around Canada during the year including house parties, dinners at restaurants, get together at bars, and participation in Pride with booths and marching in Parades.

Canadian Aviation Pride is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in Canada and is not a subsidiary of any other organizations.

We will from time to time partner with other organizations for events.

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Our Facebook group is classified as "Closed" and only requires approval from Admins to join. When you request to join, just tell us a little about yourself any you can join the Canadian Gay Aviation fraternity.

There are no fees to be a part of this group – it's inclusive, not exclusive.


Our History.Canadian Aviation Pride started in 2008 when a two small groups of pilots in Toronto and Vancouver coalesced to form a social networking group. The purpose of this group was for members of the LGBTQ community with an interest in aviation to meet and support one another. It started with members who were pilots and quickly expanded to include other groups within the community who shared an interest in aviation.

As of January 2016, Canadian Aviation Pride is now a registered Not for Profit organization.

Mission, Vision and Values

Canadian Aviation Pride


To support, encourage and connect people of the Canadian LGBTQ community who share a passion or interest in aviation while raising awareness and reducing homophobia and transphobia.


To become the primary Canadian organization representing and supporting the LGBTQ community in aviation.


Our values are Integrity, Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity, Acceptance, Self Esteem and Justice. We use these as means to achieve our vision and mission.

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